Roller Coaster of Love: Arkansas High Country (a multimedia presentation)

Like a fine wine, a stinky cheese, or a forgotten roll of 35mm film, the flavors of our goddamned fucking heartbreak in Arkansas have only deepened and darkened with age since March 2018. We're not even a little sorry for waiting five whole months to write about our treacherous time pushing bikes around the Arkansawyer Outback/Out Here/Back Here.

We embarked on a Spring Break bike tour previewing 200 miles of Adventure Cycling's new Arkansas High Country Bicycle Route over five days. Mostly because we love Arkansas, but a little bit because we were ringing in our Dirty Kanza training.

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Oh, we also kept an audio diary during this trip, logging our thoughts and feelings upon waking up or from our sleeping bags, just before we succumbed to encroaching sleep and freezing temps. Enjoy.

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The true heroes of our trip are Gary Vernon and Chuck Campbell—shoutout to the homies, y'all are doing A+ shit for cycling in Arkansas.

Photo by John Montesi

Photo by John Montesi